I create paintings that contain messages. These messages come from how I’m feeling energy wise.

Entre deux réalités.

All I need to know is the full name of the person to be able to connect me to his or her energy and make the painting of the soul. As people say, I paint people's souls.

The messages are very personal as they are targeted to a specific person. Several messages are contained in these paintings and they bring in images of what and who we are. Totems animals, symbols, etc. ... that allow me to help you learn about yourself. This inner journey provides the person to meet and see his or her surroundings.

Here are some exemples:

Canvas for P. Gaudreau (Supervisor). Canvas for J. Gagnon (Acuponcturist).

A big energy is released through the colors and the movement of the canvas to deliver the essence and energy to whoever is looking at them like an internal mirror. These personal messages act as support that is available at all times, since you leave with your canvas.

Canvas for Éric Fortier (Customer service). Canvas for Chantal Panneton. Canvas for Trisha Brown. Canvas for Marcelle Fortier. Canvas for Eduardo Ezequiel Zapata (priest Mexico city).

In the manner of my vibrating energy paintings, the personal paintings (painting of the soul) contain specific messages pertaining to the person’s energy who ordered it.

The paintings of the soul are delivered with a written explanation from the artist regarding the messages.

Rate: Here is the standard format available for the painting of the soul:

12 X 12 inches - 150 $ ... 18 X 14 inches - 200 $ ... 20 X 24 inches - 300 $

* It is still possible to choose other formats, however my regular price list will apply. Please inquire!

Please contact me for more informations !

The regular paintings are available in the gallery and also by the artist.

L'âge d'or. Le message du chérubin. MâHanna. Le messager. Tout est écrit quelque part. La reine des Atlantes. L'ange de la forêt. L'amoureuse de la musique. L'Amour est un oiseau rebel Élixir d'amour. Caresse divine. La charmeuse aux mille oiseaux. À la lueur des coupoles dorées, collection privée, Puglia, Italie.

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Do not hesitate to contact me for more information or to give your COMMENTS.

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